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What could be more fun than throwing your 21st birthday party... erm doing it with your twin sister! We absolutely loved getting to know Charlotte and Dani along with their family to help plan and design a night they'll never forget that would celebrate them as sisters and as the individuals that they are.  We brought all of their friends together in the awesome Studio 93 event space, which is hidden up a laneway with it's crisp cool but welcoming interior and chilled out courtyard space it was an absolute dream to work in.  Based on the brief of street style food cooked as their guests mingled Bespoke catering created a feast to remember and with Frog Beats Collective providing some serious tunes we created a chilled out club vibe meets high end fiesta P A R T Y.

Event Styling + Design | Lemonbox Studios

Photographs | Upfront Photography

Venue | Studio 93
Caterer | Bespoke Catering

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